B-9 Nickel Strippers

For fast removal of Nickel from Steel, Copper, Brass, Zinc Die-Cast, Silver, Gold, Tin, Aluminum, Lead, and Lead Alloys.

*No Etching, No Fuming, One-Component, Non-Toxic

  • B-9- for removal of electroless nickel from steel
  • B-929- for removing electrolytic nickel from copper, brass, silver, gold, and zinc die-cast
  • B-9 Plus- for removing nickel from steel in the occasional presence of copper
  • B-913- for removing nickel from aluminum
  • B-9 Iron- for removing nickel from a nickel-iron plate

**All available in 60lb box, 250lb drum, or 420 lb drum**

Cufix-E Copper Stripper

  • Cufix E- for stripping copper from steel or aluminum

**Available in 60 lb box or 250 lb drum**

LNS-9 Complete Nickel Stripper

  • LNS-9- for fast removal of nickel from steel

**Available in 495 lb drums **

TN-64 Titanium Nitride Stripper

  • TN-64- for fast removal of titanium nitride from steel and stainless steel

**Available in 30 lb boxes**

MX-AC Nickel Stripper

  • MX-AC- immersion stripper for stripping nickel from copper and/or copper alloy substrates

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